Behind the Scenes

Toran Bruce Richards (Torantulino) – Significant Gravitas, original founder and the person who wrote and released the first Auto-GPT version. (on Twitter, on GitHub)

Pi – Developer wrangler extraordinaire – he’s been almost entirely responsible for getting more than 200 devs to work together in a productive manner. Massive shout out to this man for the huge progress this project has made in such a short amount of time (on Github, on Twitter, his website)

Blake Werlinger – Software Student juggling AI projects and instant noodles 🍜 (on Twitter)

Douglas Schonholtz – Senior Software Engineer and masters in Artificial Intelligence working on measuring Auto-GPT with the reading group, benchmarks and challenges (on Twitter).

Hunter Araujo – a Senior Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, leads the front-end development for the Auto-GPT project with unmatched expertise. Skilled in crafting seamless user experiences, Hunter drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and ensures an intuitive and captivating interface. His commitment to excellence elevates Auto-GPT as a premier AI-assisted software solution.

Dion – Design genius behind the look-and-feel, upcoming GUI and logo for Auto-GPT

David Wurtz – Backend Development – ChatGPT writes the code, I take the credit.

Fergus – Discord, social and community manager extraordinaire

Andrew Minnella – Master organizer, project management virtuoso, and insightful tester with a flair for success. As an entrepreneur with multiple ventures under his belt, including founding a masonry contracting firm and a 3D printing business, Andrew’s (almost) a real estate agent too! With a passion for discovering practical applications for Auto-GPT, he thrives on managing people and resources to fuel Auto-GPT’s growth.

Ian – Marketing, contests & community engagement

Robin Sallay – Entrepreneur, prompt engineer and performance marketer with (just enough? too many?) decades of experience. Overseeing the marketing and PR for Auto-GPT, managing the news and updates site (which you’re reading right now!) and enjoying fun discussions on the prompts used by Auto-GPT. Founder of, an AI story generative tool for parents with kids at bedtime (on Twitter, on LinkedIn).

Current Key Developer Contributors

Bill Schumacher – A seasoned Senior Software Engineer at AMN Healthcare, Bill brings his passion for code refactoring and expertise in memory and speech abstraction to Auto-GPT. As a self-proclaimed nerd, he’s instrumental in optimizing code and enhancing the platform’s performance.(on Twitter, Github or Linkedin)

Reinier van der Leer (Pwuts) – Electrical Engineering student at TU Delft with a penchant for taking on exciting projects, both paid and open-source. With over 6 years of professional coding experience in TypeScript, Vue, and Golang, Reinier focuses on process optimization through web app development. A former Student Council Chair and study association board member, he’s led decorated top-performing teams and is currently exploring ways to contribute to everyday sustainability. In 2020 and 2022, Reinier served as the team lead for MCH2022, and he’s excited to learn more about AI while applying his expertise in high-tech projects. Outside of work, he enjoys functional 3D-design, bouldering, and boasts an impressive 25-push-up streak (on Twitter, on Github, on Badge.Team)

Rich Beales – Senior Software Developer at DanxCarousel, Rich brings his expertise in documentation, technical direction, and assisting contributors to the Auto-GPT team. A lifelong technologist with a passion for (not-so-perfect) guitar playing (on Twitter, on Github, his Website)

Nick Tindle – Engineering Manager at Dialexa, An IBM Company, brings his expertise in scaling organizations, leadership, architecture, plugin integration, and DevOps to the Auto-GPT team. A passionate coder, Nick enjoys creating solutions and stirring up excitement in the tech world (on Twitter, Github)

Merwanre Hamadi – Lead Backend Engineer at Redica, masterfully resolved prompting issues, fine-tuned JSON outputs, and enhanced Auto-GPT through refactorization, tests, and benchmarks. A passionate software engineer and Auto-GPT aficionado, Merwanre eagerly welcomes your Auto-GPT use case stories! (on Twitter, on Github, on LinkedIn)

James Collins – Senior Software Engineer at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington, adept at abstracting the unabstracted and squashing bugs with a touch of light architecture for Auto-GPT. A passionate explorer traversing the boundaries of science and software (on GitHub, on LinkedIn)

Craig Swift – An experienced VP of Engineering with a passion for using technology to make a positive impact. As a key contributor to AutoGPT, he focuses on coding, coordinating, and system design, with a particular interest in modularizing the codebase for multi-agent AI systems. His goal is to make deploying and operating AI agents as easy and efficient as possible. Check out Craig’s work on, where he’s using AI to help people learn better (on Twitter, on Github)

Itamar Friedman – CEO of CodiumAI and seasoned entrepreneur, with two successful startups under his belt, including a sale to Alibaba Group. While managing their R&D center in Israel, he developed apps used by millions. A self-taught coder since 14, Itamar’s true passion lies in Machine Learning, which he mastered at the prestigious Technion. His focus is on ML training, creating next-gen software development tools, and making ML accessible to all (on Linkedin, at CodiumAI)

Roberto Henriquez – Python developer and Data analyst, contributing to Auto-GPT by developing benchmarking and test suites, as well as creating a “Hello World” plugin example. Passionate about supporting and moderating the community while focusing on adoption (on Twitter, on Github)

Wladislav Cugunov – Freelance Fullstack Developer with a flair for innovation. Masterfully triaging issues, developing Telegram plugins, and contributing ideas while playfully disturbing the peace at Auto-GPT. A hobbyist musician and psychology enthusiast in his free time (on Github, on Twitter, on Instagram, his website)

Kinance – Dev/Manager at a top Japanese financial institution, Kinance brings his expertise to Auto-GPT by handling code housekeeping, issue triaging, and more in the pipeline. A sushi aficionado, Kinance is driven by his passion for integrating AI into workflow and analytical tools (on Github)

Luke Kyohere – A triumphant fintech founder from Beyonic (now exited) and skilled software architect, currently serving as CPO at MFS Africa. Luke dedicates his time to Auto-GPT by squashing bugs, crafting plugins, and experimenting with the system, all while enthusiastically embracing the rise of our AI overlords (on Twitter, on GitHub, on LinkedIn)

Pierre-Henri Ausseil – A seasoned expert in Data Governance, data-driven innovation, Service Management, and Project Management with over a decade of experience. Pierre-Henri contributes to Auto-GPT by focusing on Strategy & Architecture, working to rewrite the core for establishing autonomous teams and interoperability with various models (LLM or not). He is always open to exploring new experiences in different countries (on GitHub, on LinkedIn)

Bently – Skilled Python Developer, 3D Designer, and part-time Cyber Security student, Bently brings a versatile skill set to Auto-GPT. As our friendly local tech support, he offers invaluable community support and moderation while lending a helping hand wherever needed (on Github)

Arren – Founder, Project Manager, Developer, and Former Civil Engineer with a passion for building revolutionary things. At Auto-GPT, Arren excels in project/team/org management and multi-agent interoperability, while constantly expanding the suite of innovative plugins. A focused generalist and resilient optimist at heart (on Twitter, on Github)

Deso – A diligent student by day, mastering the art of Docker Dev-Containers and Twitter Plugin Integration for Auto-GPT by night. Balancing academics and a passion for learning, Deso brings youthful energy and innovation to the team (on Twitter, on Github)

Vincent Wing – Senior Software Developer and CTO at Reality Smash, bringing the magic of cost-awareness to Auto-GPT. A seeker of magic, Vincent previously delved into the world of VR and now passionately explores the realm of AI (on Github, on LinkedIn)

Omri Grossman – Senior Software Engineer at CodiumAI, diligently ensuring code integrity and quality for Auto-GPT through writing unit tests and addressing general issues. Avid Formula 1 enthusiast and an average basketball player (on Twitter, on Github)

Soheil Sam Yasrebi – Software Engineer at Staff with a knack for expanding Auto-GPT’s capabilities to interface seamlessly with the real world, while diligently squashing bugs. A robotics enthusiast currently building a jigsaw puzzle-solving robot, Soheil boasts an impressive background as an early engineer at Twitter and a former self-driving car developer (on Twitter, on Github, on his Website)

All The Incredible 251+ Contributors

We’re so grateful for the incredible support of the open source community on Auto-GPT. In under a month, more than 251 developers from around the world have made meaningful contributions. You can find the full, up to date list on the GitHub Contributors Page.

This list is constantly evolving however if you’re a key contributor and we missed adding you to the list above, please reach out through the contributors channel on Discord.